Milan Nenezić / Dreams & Visions / exhibition   

24. April 2014. / Štab gallery / Belgrade / Serbia

Prince, 2014

In the dark, alone, appears the light and the radiating body. He is turned to the side, looking at me in horror and fear. It is the personification of the primordial fear. As in Hitchcock’s Power of Cinema, Kuleshov effect - the same character in the same position and the same scene gets a crown, and the fear  disappears from the face. One expression with different interpretations. Ink drawing is a record of a dream, in which I experienced it again becoming a vision. This vision, a dream and re-experience the dream that I have in painting, I wanted to summarize in this picture.

Visual images and symbols in dreams, visions, hallucinations, meditation and other altered states of consciousness transpose our experiences, emotions and fears. Visions appear as a reflection of the external world, as well as a projection of the self. The more we observe them they become clearer. Through visions and dreams, those essential manifestations of human creativity, we discover ourselves in everyone, and everything within ourselves. Nightmarish visions of deformed reflection represent manifestations of conflict and destruction that surrounds us and that exist in all of us at the same time. Forms of these reflections can be very diverse, while the exhibition Dreams and Visions covers only a part of them.